Monday, 31 December 2007

Be Nice to My Grammar (1)

Most people hate grammar.

I think that is really sad! Poor old grammar...

The main reason people hate it is because they connect it with B O R I N G lessons at school...

"It's so dry...", "it's so complicated...", "it's so BORING!!"

Well, I have an idea...start with your own language (yes, it has grammar too and it is just as difficult for a foreigner to learn - but you know it automatically like magic) and think how you say things in your own language.

For example, how do you tell a story about last week (past simple)? What about the verbs? Are they irregular sometimes? How do you ask someone about their plans for the weekend (future intention).

Now think how you would explain that to a friend from another country...for you it is easy...for your friend it is terrible!

If you can get interested in your own grammar, you could find that you find English grammar a bit more interesting too!

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Welcome to English is Easy!

For some reason the old blog "English is Easy!" has disappeared - so I have relocated. I hope you have found me!

Soon the old posts will be back and some new ones too.

By the way, please ask if there is anything which is puzzling you about the English language.

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